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Website Inflation??

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You might think that title is pretty strange. It’s a new concept as far as I can tell. But it’s true. Let me elaborate a bit…

Getting a website used to be pretty hard. Back in the nineties you would have one or two megabytes of storage on some spooky ftp-server where you could – if you were the tech-savvy type – upload some HTML files and call that a website. Ad some animated gifs and you’re pretty hot. That was then… Now the story is quite different. If you want a website, getting one is simple, low-tech and low-effort (if you want it to be). This also means that the number of websites has grown dramatically. The amount of content has risen to an extend that it’s getting very hard to find what you’re looking for, especially since search engines do not necessarily work any differently than they did in the nineties. A one-keyword search will most probably get you nowhere at all…

The reason there are many websites is obvious. Basically the cost (both in $ as in effort and knowledge) has gone way down. Website inflation is what I call that. It has become overly cheap and simple to put some content online. In the nineties you would be kinda special if you had a website, now you must provide excellent content to be anywhere near special. Content quality must go up, so the value of content as a whole has been dropping steadily. More inflation….

In a previous post I suggested one solution that takes on this problem at it’s cause. If we just want to eradicate the symptoms we would need much better search engines. Engines that understand what we need, use semantics, and better algorithms of prioritizing results. We need Google 2.0. For now we will have to deal with the information overload and consequent website inflation…

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