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You wouldn’t tell, but, I do have an online identity, or better, a few of them. I also apparently have too much spare time (or use my time very efficiently…). This first page is really meant as a very big stinky unmodest ego-trip. I’ll post a couple of links of pages about ME. The idea is that many pages on the internet allready know lots about me. Why should I work hard to put all that here, when i worked hard to get it elsewhere? Go check it out!

There is however another purpose to all this… You could get inspired and decide to join one or two of those sites and start enjoying them. I’m not going to take the trouble of describing these services for you, since they do quite a good job themselves. Most if not all have an ‘about us’ page that tells you what’s it all about. Maybe I would have to get me such a page as well (will happen, don’t worry…)

I’ll try to update this page from time to time to add more communities i’m part of….

So I hope you’re ready if you’re still reading this post… Here goes…

So, if you’re still here: My sincerest apologies for this tremendous ego-trip….


Willem Kossen

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