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Hi there,
On this page I publish my little works in the software area. Nothing fancy, just little hacks and thingies…

Just recently I added the Dutch language to the Creative Commons widget you see to the down to the right of this post. The author of the widget is Carlos Flores, his website: http://www.xperimentos.com/2007/05/11/creative-commons-license-widget-for-wordpress/

I am the author of a batchfile that allows you to update your clamwin installation automatically on Windows. It does a few things more, like maintain a local repository, use local repositories, update the signature data, check the signature of the downloads etc. I have put this thing on sourceforge. Go have a look if you use clamwin. Feedback is apreciated!.

Years ago i created a few simple shell extensions for Windows NT. some of them still work on 2000 and XP. I don’t know about vista, no chance to try yet…. The original site is now on my server here.