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Freedom means control. control for me, control for the individual, not a large corporation, government institution or any other large body of people with any kind of hierarchical structure. Open means the same thing

Free software is all about freedom and all about control. the individual decides what he does with it, how he uses it, how he changes it and how he shares it. He even decides not to use it if he doesn’t want to for whatever reason. That’s freedom and that’s control. (where i write he, you could easily read she)

Open means the same thing. Open software, open standards, open data. it’s all about putting control where it should be, at the individual level, with the people themselves

I am very much in favour of freedom and open. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m very much against other ways because sometimes these ways suit some peoples needs, including my own. I would suggest that given the option, you should favour the open and free path over the non-open and non-free.

I recently became a fellow at the Free Software Foundation Europe to support Free and Open. Maybe you should to. My username over there is wkossen.

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